Kamiah School District Open Enrollment

Kamiah School District Enrollment

We recognize the desire of some parents/guardians to enroll their children in a school other than their neighborhood school, from either within or outside of the Kamiah Joint School District. If you are interested in applying for admission to a school in our District, please follow these Open Enrollment application procedures. Section 33-1402, Idaho Code, requires annual application for open enrollment on a form provided by the State Department of Education and available at all schools or the District Office.

Kamiah School District Open Enrollment

Kamiah School District Open Enrollment Procedure

Open Enrollment Application

Kamiah School District Enrollment

Kamiah Elementary School:

Kindergarten: 32

First Grade: 29

Second Grade: 31

Third Grade: 33

Kamiah Middle School:

Fourth Grade: 25

Fifth Grade: 25

Sixth Grade: 32

Seventh Grade: 37

Eighth Grade: 20

Kamiah High School:

Ninth Grade: 39

Tenth grade: 30

Eleventh Grade: 28

Twelfth Grade: 30

Please call schools for updated enrollment numbers. Kamiah School District Numbers will be updated at the beginning of each Semester.