Faculty and Staff Contact Information

District Staff

Dr. Benjamin Merrill208-935-2991Superintendent
Tracy Lynde208-935-4003HR Director, Board Clerk & Treasurer
Patty Hamilton208-935-4004Business Manager
Henry Bailey208-935-4007Maintenance Director
Stefanie Brimacomb208-935-4079Technology Coordinator
Shannon Engledow208-935-4044Title 1 Director
Mona Farmer208-935-2991 Opt 5 Ext 4073Library Services, Clearwater Web Academy Coordinator
Peggy Flerchinger208-935-4039Special Education Director
Patrick Foy208-935-4008Transportation Director
Teresa Oatman208-935-4074JOM Coordinator
Darra Snyder208-935-4012District Nurse
Joanne Trudeau208-935-4010Food Services Director
Jeanette Wilcox208-935-4069School Counselor K-12
Janine Wilson208-935-4067Jr. High Athletic Director
Leah York208-935-4040High School Athletic Director

Kamiah High School Staff

Bill McFall208-935-4066Principal
Mary Arnzen208-935-4067School Secretary
Terry Law208-935-2991 opt.5 Ex. 4046Special Services
Suzanne Wisdom 208-935-4067Special Education Aide
John Ayres208-935-4079Business & Technology & Personal Finance
Jody Dow208-935-4067Math
Mona Farmer208-935-4067IDLA Coordinator & District Librarian
Taylie Hopkins208-935-4067Speech
Cheyenne Hudson208-935-4067Government & Economics
Kari Kopach208-935-4067Science & Math
John “Rich” Martin208-935-4067English
Jeff Mercer208-935-4067Industrial Arts
Elayne Murphy208-935-4067College & Career Ready Guidance Counselor
Bruce Nuxoll208-935-4067Science
Loretta Riener208-935-4067Special Education Teacher
Martin Smith208-935-4067English
Jeanette Wilcox208-935-4069Registrar & Counselor
Janine Wilson208-935-4067Health & PE

Kamiah Middle School Staff

Peggy Flerchinger 208-935-4039Principal
Stacey Skinner208-935-4040School Secretary
Terry Law208-935-2991 opt.5 Ex. 4046Special Services
John Ayres208-935-4040Technology
Lydia Bremer208-935-4040Mrs. Bremer’s Fifth Grade Home Page
Ben Brumbaugh208-935-4040Special Education Teacher
Jim Engledow208-935-40407 & 8th History
Jennifer Heitman208-935-4040Math
Taylie Hopkins208-935-40407th & 8th English and MS Student Council
Sharon Jacobs208-935-4040Fourth Grade
Brooke Martin208-935-4040Fourth Grade
Jeff Mercer208-935-4067Intro to Industrial Arts
Bruce Nuxoll208-935-40407th Science
Jodi Pethtel 208-935-4040Special Education Aide
Joe Sams208-935-4040Sixth Grade
Genese Simler208-935-4040School Librarian
Trisha Skinner208-935-4040Fifth Grade
Jeanette Wilcox208-935-4069Counselor
Kilee Wilson208-935-4040Sixth Grade
Janine Wilson208-935-4067Health & PE
Leah York208-935-40407 & 8th Science and PE

Kamiah Elementary School Staff

Bill McFall208-935-2991Principal
Shannon Engledow208-935-4012Title I Coordinator and KES Lead Teacher
Terri Musgrave208-935-4012School Secretary
Melinda Wimer208-935-4012KES Librarian
Tammy Bower 208-935-4012Special Education Aide
Carrie Bain208-935-4012Mrs. Bain’s 2nd Grade Home Page
Jody Brown208-935-4012Mrs. Brown’s 3rd Grade Home Page
Elizabeth Bryant208-935-4012Kindergarten Home Page
Teresa Gorges208-935-4012Kindergarten Home Page
Rhonda Kay208-935-4012Speech
Cheryl Morris208-935-4012Special Education
Amy Sams208-935-4012First Grade
Trena Schlieper208-935-4012First Grade
Jeanette Wilcox208-935-4069Character Education

Kamiah Joint School District #304
1102 Hill Street
Kamiah, ID 83536

Phone: (208) 935 – 2991
Fax: (208) 935-4005

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