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Return To Learn Plan (Current Draft )


Kamiah Joint School District #304 is deeply committed to the safety of our students and staff. Our mission is to protect the well-being of those we care about through appropriate planning and precautions.


    1. Develop a Return To Learn Reopening Guide that clearly identifies three Categories and appropriate protocols identified by the CDC and Idaho Back to School Framework 2020.
    1. Describe what will trigger a change in how Kamiah Joint School District will respond to the increase or decrease of COVID-19 amongst the community:
      • Local School District responds to increase or decrease regarding community impact.
      • Local Health District advises a response based on an increase or decrease in cases.
      • Statewide action based on a larger or reduced scale of community spread.
    2. Clearly describe protocols for a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school building.
  1. Identify recommended budgetary items to address the health and safety of students and staff as well as sanitation of school facilities.

From the Superintendent

Upon my arrival, I have been steadfastly focused on the work associated with planning to ‘Return to Learn’ in the fall. It is my goal for students and staff to return to the classrooms at the end of August. In order to do that, we need to develop systems to ensure our students and staff remain safe and healthy in our buildings.

A committee of 20 educators, students, board, and department heads are currently working on a draft protocol that will help facilitate learning regardless of what type of situation we find ourselves. That plan will be fueled with data from community and staff surveys, guidance from local, state, and national health officials, and will focus on student and staff safety at all times. It is our goal to have that draft protocol presented to the school board in the next two weeks and then presented to the public immediately after.

In the case that we can not return face-to-face in the fall, we are developing plans based on community surveys that will best accommodate community needs while ensuring our students have exceptional learning experiences either in hybrid learning environments or with online learning.

I will ensure that the Kamiah community is kept in the loop on the process of our planning and hope to get feedback from you on those plans once they are available for review.

Please feel free to contact the District office at 208-935-2991 if you have any questions.

From Wesley Neisler (COVID community resource specialist)

COVID Help Now Line
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Return To Learn Community Survey

Region 2 Public Health Covid-19 Data

Mental Health, Physical Well-being, and Student supports

  • We know this may be a challenging time for students and families. Our school counselor, nurse, psychologist, teachers, parapros, and administrators are available to support students and families.
  • In an unusual event, sometimes it can be hard to tell if a child is reacting in a typical way or whether they are having real problems coping, and might need extra support. If you are concerned, talk to your child’s doctor or a mental health provider. Below are resources which may be helpful for families:
  • You can contact student support staff by calling your school office
  • Emergency Supports
    If there is a crisis or emergency, students and families can access the supports below:

      • Call 911
    • St. Mary’s Hospital: (208) 935-2585