A Note from the Superintendent


The District Safety Committee, with the cooperation of local agencies, are going to be conducting a “Lockdown Drill” later this month.  For some reason, this drill has been misconstrued to be an “active shooter drill or simulation”.  This is not accurate.  

Along with our partners in this drill, our goal is to enhance student safety in the event of an actual Lockdown. The drill is designed to help minimize student, staff, and community trauma in the event of an actual Lockdown event. Our professional staff from all participating entities will provide student support for this drill.  

Please rest assured that this is a passive “Lockdown Drill”.  The assistance of other public agencies is to provide assurance to the school that the buildings are secure against intruders in the event of a Lockdown.  

Lockdowns have been ordered in the past by authorities for a number of reasons.  This could include: a prisoner on the loose; a police chase near the school; a report of domestic violence in the neighborhood near the school; an intruder, such as a non-custodial parent.  It could be for a number of reasons that the police authorities may not want to detail to the District at the time of the incident; it could be for a natural disaster; and heaven forbid, yes, it could be for an active shooter.

There is no simulation of either an active shooter or an intruder simulation.  Once again this will be a “passive lockdown” drill, in cooperation with area agencies and law enforcement.

Dennis Kachelmier, Superintendent