Help Kamiah Schools, Help Your Community


Below is the link for an on-line survey to gather Parent Opinions & Perceptions of:

–          School community relationships

–          Areas of strength

–          Areas needing attention

–          The role of parents in the school

–          Student activities

–          Level of parent involvement

You can make a difference by sharing your opinions & perceptions on this brief Community Index Survey!

Click on the link of the school your child attends and it will direct you to the on-line survey! Qe’ci Yew’Yew

Kamiah Elementary School (KES) Parent Survey Link:  “grades K-4”

Kamiah Middle High School (KMHS) Parent Survey link:  “grades 5-12”

****INCENTIVE OF $150**** Each grade level can earn $150 if 40% of parents of their class complete the survey!

NOTE: if your browser takes you to the end of the survey, use the “Start New” option on the left!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Tess Greene at (208) 621-4704 or by email at