Kamiah School District Sets Priority on Healthy Students & Staff

​Good morning Parents & Students, 

As many of you know, our district no longer requires masks to be worn by students or staff while at school. The board made this decision after reviewing our incidence rates over the past 30, 60, and 90 days and also by gathering input from building administrators. The school board has however left the mask requirement in place for students while on district transportation. This was done to prevent district-wide impact if we have a positive student case on the bus. Also, given the cold weather, bus windows are commonly closed, and physical distancing is more difficult. 

As we navigate back to learning without masks, we ask parents to please monitor your student for any symptoms that may be similar to that of the Covid-19 virus before sending them to school. Also, please be flexible with building staff if you receive a call that your student is showing symptoms while on school grounds and ask them to be picked up. Our Return To Learn Plan, asks parents to please keep students at home if they are symptomatic and if any person is exhibiting mild symptoms at school, that they would wear a mask until being picked up by a parent. 

Our teachers are working closely with building administration and our district nurse to monitor for any students who may have symptoms to help keep everyone safe. 

Our board has monitored the district response to the pandemic closely, and committed to reassessing our plan each month based on available data. The current plan will once again be reviewed at the March 15th board meeting. If at that time, the board makes any changes, I will communicate those out to parents and staff. 

Thank you for your time and we love seeing your kid’s faces!


Ben Merrill