Trustees move to implement face mask restrictions K-12 when social distancing is not possible.

Parents, Students, & Community Members, 
At the Kamiah School Board meeting last night, the Board of Trustees approved a plan responding to the Covid-19 situation. The approved plan will be reevaluated at the next regular board meeting in December. 
The board voted to implement masks at all times including on district transportation with the exception of classrooms when social distancing protocols are in place. Building administration will work with teachers to ensure social distancing practices are in place. If social distancing protocols are not possible due to the unique dynamic of a classroom, masks would still be worn. This decision will allow students to stay in school for the greatest length of time if Covid cases continue in our community. 
Thank you to the board, patrons, and staff that submitted feedback on this topic. If you would like to submit feedback, please email your written comments to