We can control our climate. Our climate controls our Culture.


The theme of the #Crew Communication for this week is Culture. I want to thank the staff members who responded to my email asking for two words that best describe the culture at Kamiah Schools. From those emails, I was able to create a word bubble that aggregates the collective beliefs that our staff hold about the culture in Kamiah Schools. If you are not familiar with a word bubble, the larger the word indicates the more often the word was mentioned. The term ‘caring’ in our word bubble was the most frequently used word and is indicated by the size above. The purpose of this task was to begin to recognize how our actions (Climate) can impact how we feel about our school (Culture). It is important to me, and hopefully the same to you, that we have a culture that embraces and cares about the students and staff in the organization. Valuing, trusting, and loving these people is the goal I have for myself and ask from you. (More…)