Perseverance and Grace


The theme of the #Crew Communication for this week is Perseverance and Grace. 

This week I am breaking from tradition and citing two separate yet interconnected themes for our #Crew Communication. As noted in the quote above, ‘Perseverance’ often involves failing (making mistakes) and trying again. And when we make mistakes, we must give ourselves and those around us the ‘Grace’ to regroup and continue to work towards our goals, knowing that we may fail again. 

During this first week of school, many of you will be faced with new obstacles, or challenges. These items may be a result of Covid-19 safety precautions or the beginning of year tasks. We may realize that our best laid plans fail, and we have to regroup and come up with new ideas to keep students safe while also ensuring learning is not interrupted. Please, remember to offer yourself and each of us grace as we work and learn alongside one another during a new and stressful time. More…