Kamiah High School Announces Registration Days

Kamiah High School Registration Days

Seniors and their parents will begin the registration process on Tuesday 18 August from 8-11am followed by the Juniors from noon-3 pm at the Kamiah High School library. On Wednesday 19 August, Sophomores will register from 8:00-11 and Freshman from noon-3:00 in the same location. New student registration will be held August 20th from 8:00-3:00 in the high school office regardless of grade level. If you are unable to make it on registration day, please call the school secretary or the school counselor at 208-935-4067 to make other arrangements.

Tuesday 18 August
Seniors 8 – 11 am
Juniors noon- 3 pm

Wednesday 19 August
Sophomores 8 – 11 am
Freshmen noon- 3pm

*In accordance with COVID social distancing safety protocol, we will be allowing students into the library on a staggered basis. Please allow yourself extra time should you have to wait in line.*