Students earn more than $84,000 in scholarships Kamiah High School Celebrates Accomplishments of Class of 2020

Kamiah High School Students celebrate commencement outdoors using social distancing protocols.[/caption] Kamiah High School Students celebrate commencement outdoors using social distancing protocols.[/caption]The format was different, but the congratulatory spirit sincere as scholarships were awarded to deserving Kamiah High School seniors the week of May 18. Students received word of their scholarships over the telephone while the community received word of the awards over the school’s Facebook page and website.
With some scholarships yet to be awarded, students and institutions reported Kamiah High School students earned more than $84,000 in local, regional and institutional scholarships. That amount is expected to increase as some awards have been delayed and some deadlines extended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“This class has dealt with some very difficult circumstances,” Kamiah High School Principal Peggy Flerchinger stated. “I sincerely wish we could have held a community celebration so I could have expressed my pride in each student’s accomplishments in person.”
Flerchinger expressed gratitude to local scholarship donors who have supported Kamiah High School students this year and over the years. “All these acts of generosity add up to a very large positive impact for students who want to take their educations to the next level,” she stated. “I thank each and every donor for supporting Kamiah High School students.”
Kamiah High School Scholarship Summary

  • Sarah Bytheway – Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) Dean’s, Inga Solberg Mansker, Kooskia Rebekah’s and Wilburn-Strombeck Art Scholarships; Idaho State University (ISU) Grid Award
  • Emma Cook – Western Undergraduate Exchange and University of Idaho Silver Scholarships
  • Tyler Drover—LCSC Counselor’s, LCSC High School Leadership, LCSC Presidential, Inga Solberg Mansker, Pay It Forward and University of Idaho (U of I) Platinum Scholarships
  • Destiny Knight – Trenary Funeral Home and Grandpa Bill Smith Scholarships
  • Derek Loewen – Kamiah High School Faculty Scholarship
  • Claire McNall – LCSC Dean’s, University of Idaho Bronze and Inga Solberg Mansker Scholarships
  • Kaden Mercer – Grandpa Bill Smith and Kamiah High School Faculty Scholarships, Advanced Welding Scholarship, “Top Shop” award
  • Jonas Oatman – U of I Silver, U of I Diversity and Inga Solberg Mansker Scholarships
  • Irene Popp – U of I Bronze Scholarship
  • Trent Taylor – Concordia University Scholarship
  • Sydney Wilcox – College Board, U of I Silver, Spencer Flerchinger Memorial, Kamiah Kiwanis Dave Kries and Kamiah High School Faculty Scholarships; U of I Room Waiver and U of I Basic Institutional Award
  • Hailey Wilson – ISU Bennion Honors, ISU Leadership, ISU Housing, Idaho Opportunity, Carol Ormond, Julie Fulton Memorial, Kamiah High School Faculty and University of Idaho Silver Scholarships; ISU Grid and Step Ahead Awards