Kamiah School District COVID -19 Information

In response to the national concern for the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Kamiah School District will
continue to monitor and be alert to the need for swift action to protect its students and community.
The District is relying on the most current information from the Governor’s Office, State Department of
Education and the Center for Disease Control as they monitor the spread of the virus and how it is
affecting Idaho and the immediate region.

Until more is known, teachers and staff have been directed to work with students of all levels to ensure
that healthy habits are followed. Janitorial staff are concentrating on high-risk areas and surfaces and
will continue to do a deep cleaning on Fridays. In the case of school closure as directed by the Governor,
the District will communicate through every means possible to outline the plan for completing the
academic year. Until that time, the District and its staff will continue to doing everything possible to
provide a clean safe environment for all students.

Steve Higgins, Superintendent
Kamiah Jt. School District #304