Kamiah Characters Take The Stage

Kamiah High School has a new theater club, and their first performance will debut this week at KHS.

Calling themselves the “Kamiah Characters,” 11 students have joined together to perform a one-act comedy starring a dead chicken.

The quarterback, and hero, of Riverview High School has been charged with murder most foul.  Plucky the mascot has been done in and all the fingers point to the football player – even his own.  A farce of a trial ensues featuring an inept judge, an unprepared defense lawyer, and an Egg-Girl.  Did he really kill the bird?  Will the judge stay awake long enough to decide the case?  Does the defense attorney even know how to spell “witness”?” -The Plucky Pie Murders 

The play is co-directed by teachers Jody Dow and Taylie Hopkins. Both educators are new to the Kamiah School District, with varied experience in performance and the arts. Dow took part in plays and musicals during high school and his time in the military, and Hopkins has experience in costume design, while currently serving as the KHS Speech teacher.

The Plucky Pie Murder premieres at the Kamiah High School Multipurpose room TONIGHT (Tuesday, April 25th) at 6:30 p.m., with an additional showing on Friday April 28th at 7 PM. Admission is $5 dollars for adults, $4 for veterans, and $3 for students at the door. There will be a bake sale during intermission.

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Chuck, quarterback and football hero (Chance Taylor-Clark)

Coach Wells (Caden Massey)

Billy (Brenden Kiele)

Darren (Octavio Serecero)

Mr. Teedle, defense attorney (Ash Smith)

Ms. Duncan, prosecuting attorney (Laura Dow)

Judge Green (Kara Dow)

Court Assistant (Natalie Bobbitt)

Egg-Girl (Haley Robinson)

Terry Winds, forensic specialist (Shelby Neuenschwander)

Peach (Bret Raymond)

Dr. Gregory (Bret Raymond)
For interviews and more information, contact: Jody Dow | jdow@kamiah.org | (208) 935 – 4067