Kamiah Elementary School

Image of students in front of Kamiah Elementary School

“Enter: Ready to Learn; Exit: Prepared for the Future”

Kamiah Elementary School is nestled in the hills of the Clearwater Valley. We provide a safe environment where students and staff are treated with fairness, respect and dignity. Students are challenged to explore their creativity and strive for academic excellence.

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Kamiah Elementary School Staff Contacts

Steve Higgins 208-935-2991 Principal
Amanda Henderson 208-935-4012 Mrs.Henderson’s Third Grade Home Page
Terri Musgrave 208-935-4012 School Secretary
Tammy Bower 208-935-4012 Special Education Aide
Lydia Bremer 208-935-4012 Mrs. Bremer’s Fifth Grade Home Page
Charlene Brocke 208-935-4012 Mrs. Brocke’s 2nd Grade Home Page
Jody Brown 208-935-4012 Mrs. Brown’s 3rd Grade Home Page
Elizabeth Bryant 208-935-4012 Mrs. Bryant’s Kindergarten Home Page
Letitia Hatch 208-935-4012 6th Grade
Sharon Jacobs 208-935-4012 Fourth Grade
Rhonda Kay 208-935-4012 Speech
Brooke Martin 208-935-4012 Fourth Grade
Cheryl Morris 208-935-4012 Special Education
Amy Sams 208-935-4012 First Grade
Ronda Sams 208-935-4012 First Grade
Trisha Skinner 208-935-4012 Fifth Grade
Jeanette Wilcox 208-935-4069 Character Education
Kathy Zimmerman 208-935-4012 Title 1 Aide

LEA Annual Report SY2019

KES Handbook (Grades K-3) 2019-2020

KES Handbook (Grades 4-6) 2019-2020

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Kamiah Elementary School
805 9th Street
Kamiah, ID 83536

Phone: (208) 935-4012
Fax: (208) 935 – 4014