Slow Down For School Buses and Students

As Kamiah students return back to school, school buses, student drivers, and student pedestrians are traveling on or walking closer to busy roads. All drivers in the area need to be aware that these kids are going to be on roadways. 

 School buses have two lights; an amber-colored warning light and a red stop light.  Amber lights are to indicate the bus is ready to stop. Children will be getting off – or on – the school bus. This is not your chance to speed up or pass! Instead take caution and slow your vehicle, and prepare to stop. There should be ample space between your vehicle and the school bus. When the red lights flash, that's the time for you to STOP your car! Because keeping our students safe is a top priority, safety violations carry a heavy fine in Idaho. Passing a school bus will result in a fine of $100 to $500 and 4 points on license.

 Senior students have designated parking in front of the high school. All other student drivers are required to park in the parking area on Hill Street (in front of the football field).  Student pedestrians of all ages are asked to please stay on the side walk and use safety cross walks.


Superintendent Message


Kamiah School District #304 Mission statement: 

The Kamiah Joint School District 304 Partners with students, parents, and community members to ensure a safe, nurturing environment where students are expected to achieve academic excellence, personal responsibility, and success while engaged in life-long learning and at the same time demonstrating respect for community values and diversity. 

We are honored to welcome parents, teachers, district staff and over 425 students back from summer break.  As we welcome our incoming freshmen to Kamiah High school, we are confident that last year’s seniors left our school "college and career ready."  Kamiah Joint School District graduates go on to succeed in a wide variety or professions including business, academics, government services and many other occupations.

Improving student achievement goes beyond academics and extra-curricular activities. It means seeking new ways to stretch taxpayers support by being good stewards of their investment. At the beginning of every school year, we face unanticipated challenges and have the opportunity to improve as the year progresses. We will always work to address critical issues transparently, involving community members in the difficult decisions regarding our classrooms, school students and District. We will continue to collaborate with our parents and community members. 

We acknowledge and celebrate that all staff, all entities, and all community members raise student’s achievement. In so doing, we prepare each student to be successful, and our students develop a strong sense of community. 

I’d like to invite any interested patron to come visit our schools, or contact us if you have any questions that we can assist you with. Please take time to experience the rich academic and athletic tradition that we have and the wonderful community in which we live. On behalf of our District, please accept my thanks for your support of our school and our students and, on a personal level, for the opportunity to work with you as your superintendent. 



Fred Mercer